Tom Clancy’s The Division’s New Gameplay Leak Features Dark Zones, Customizations and Dynamic World Features, More Details!

Ubisoft released the latest core gameplay and along with other functional details regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division. It is scheduled to release this year on the present generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Reports indicate that the game developer has decided to incorporate more action packed sequences in missions and focus less on the narrative.

It is being done in order to bring a higher level of exhilaration among players, similar to MMO category games. According to a recent piece of news by Design & Trend, through Gamestar, a German based PC Magazine, the narrative will function quite loosely in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Ubisoft’s Martin Hultbergin recently declared that they have tried to keep the film sequences to a bare minimum. Through this method, the players will be solely involved in the gameplay, thanks to the developers, who wish to keep things interesting. By now, fans are aware that the game is set in post-apocalyptic New York, which is in a state of hunger and chaos. None can leave this place while they are forced to face hunger, universal lawlessness and shortage of electricity topped by a dangerous spread of viral diseases. Meanwhile, The Division tries to re-install order and control the viral outbreak.

Recently, on Tom Clancy’s The Division’s official website, Ubisoft revealed a lot of details on The Cleaners Faction and the purpose of this special group. These guys are strongly equipped from head to toe while being armed with flamethrowers. Their only mission is to remove all signs of the virus in New York City. They will do anything to make it possible, which includes burning human beings and any other obstacles in their path.

Meanwhile, thanks to the alpha testers of Tom Clancy’s The Division, there has been a new major gameplay info leak. According to a recent video report, matches can be held in areas called dark zones that have the capability of supporting 100 players at once, both in co-op and competitive gameplay. The game includes an RPG-like loot crafting system along with a dynamic world which can change within a few moments.