Tom Clancy’s The Division’s New Gameplay Leak Features Dark Zones, Customizations and Dynamic World Features, More Details!

In the 15-minute video, Ubisoft has provided details regarding customization and dynamic world features. The news was released on Design & Trend via a video report from Open World Games in a partnership with The Division World. Ubisoft employees earlier teased an exciting feature known as ‘Dark Zones’. These Dark Zones perform as PVP arenas where a maximum of 100 players can battle. Players will have to pass through a decontamination area and then begin fighting.

When in combat, the soldiers who go the longest without getting owned will be more visible on the map. As a result, this leads to intense scenarios where cover is the key to survival. When the fight starts, the teams can go for head-to-head fights or unite in co-op in order to take down bigger groups. Besides the human players, there are NPCs and AI, which create bonus objectives. During the testing phases, reports indicate that the AI is tough and keeps clans on their toes.

Customization and loot collection are other attributes of the Dark Zones. In these zones, gamers will come across contaminated loot which needs to be cleaned before use. Hidden objects in these loots can be used to create clothing for characters or special weapon mods.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tom Clancy’s The Division!