The Trailer for Pretty Little Liars Has the Fans Worried, Sursok Teases Her Return, Will The Liars Kill This Season? Let’s See

Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars is going to see Nicholas Gonzalez play the role of Vic Furey. He is going to be the new detective to join Rosewood Police Department to try and stop the recent incident of homicides in the area.

The seventh season will also see Andrea Parker come in as Mary Drake. Parker has been made a series regular and she will play the role of Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin sister and the mother to Charlotte.

Tammin Sursok has revealed that she is going to be back for Pretty Little Liars. Sursok plays the role of Jenna Marshall and she had been away for a very long time. Tammin Sursok shared a photo of the script along with a pair of black wayfarers, which hint at the fact that Jenna must have lost her eye sight once again.

The actor has already hinted at the fact that her presence is going to end up making things difficult for the Lairs.  Jenna had suddenly disappeared in Season 5 and her comeback will also address that issue. Since Sursok had announced her entry into Pretty Little Liars late, there is speculation that Jenna will make her entrance in the later episodes.

There are speculations that Season 7 will also deal with the budding relationship with Emily and Alison. They have always had a connection and the fans were disappointed when Alison settled down with Elliot. Since that angle is now over, fans can watch out some interesting developments.

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