The Trailer for Pretty Little Liars Has the Fans Worried, Sursok Teases Her Return, Will The Liars Kill This Season? Let’s See

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is going to premiere later this year. After providing the fans with a teaser trailer from the upcoming season, Freeform has finally revealed the complete trailer for Season 7.

The trailer hints at the fact that Hanna (Ashley Benson) is in for a tough season. The sixth season had shown her being abducted by unidentified persons and since then the search has been on.

The trailer shows that there is someone hanging from the church tower and the person has golden hair. The trailer shows the efforts being taken by the Liars to try and save their own.

The promo shows the girls digging up a hole in the woods and Aria (Lucy Hale) asks how they could let something like this happen. Even Emily (Shay Mitchell) is shaken up and says that she doesn’t know how she is going to live after what has happened.

There are rumors hinting at the fact that the Liars will end up killing someone in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. The person they bury is a blonde, but viewers are certain about the fact that they wouldn’t bury Hanna in such a shady manner, which could only hint at the fact that they have killed someone else and are now digging up a grave to bury the body.

There are scenes of chasing and the trailer of Pretty Little Liars ends with Spencer (Troian Bellisario) stating that when something ends like this it is called a murder and she stops shoveling. The trailer makes it very evident that Hanna is going to die and the whole social media is full of #saveHanna please.

The last time the trailer shows her is when she is being fragged across the tower floor. There are possibilities of Hanna being kidnapped by A.D and he/ she gives the Liars a deadline of a day to come and rescue Hanna.

The trailer also shows that the Liars are texted by A.D and it states that the bell tolls for Hanna, which sends the Liars rushing to the creepy Rosewood church. The viewers aren’t very sure about the message that A.D sends the Liars. There’s a chance that the kidnapper might be giving them the correct information about Hanna, but there is also a chance that the person is pulling the gang to a greater danger.

The sixth season had ended with the girls finding out that it was Mary Drake who had been sending them death threats along with Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) fiancé, Elliot Rollins. Elliot had tried to make Alison feel like she was losing her mind and got her to check into an asylum. Alison felt that she was going mad since she was continuously hallucinating about her dead mother.

She went to the asylum after giving complete control of Charlotte’s funds in Carissimi Group to her fiancé, something that both Elliot and Mary Drake had wanted all along. Mary wanted to take control of the company, but majority of the shares were under Alison and hence they had to send her away.

The Liars realize that Alison was used as a pawn by Elliot and Mary and Aria and Ezra are going to get together to keep an eye on Elliot. The last season had been a rollercoaster ride for Alison and she was often cornered.