Murphy Hints at Two Plots for American Horror Story Season 6, Wittrock Claims the Season Will Be Tighter Than the Previous One!

American Horror Story Season 6 is going to release in fall this year and there are already a lot of speculation on the upcoming season. Ryan Murphy, the showrunner of American Horror Story has always been very open about the different plans and ideas and he has informed the fans about they can expect in the coming season of the horror anthology.

Ryan Murphy, while attending PaleyFest this year had informed the fans that the creative team is already busy ideating for Season 6 of American Horror Story. Latin Times reported that Murphy has revealed that there are two plots that are being worked on and they will see which one works better and go ahead with it for the next season.

They are working on two separate scripts and are completely torn between which one to go ahead with. They are waiting for the final part of the story to decide which one is the winner.Murphy has also revealed that American Horror Story Season 6 is going to deal with children.

There is something interesting when it comes to children and horror and he wants to explore that in the sixth season. He said that the whole situation of the wide eyed children in the world of horror has always interested him and he wants to explore the different possibilities of it.

Finn Wittrock, who has been a part of American Horror Story: Freakshow and American Horror Story: Hotel, has said that the sixth season of the series is going to be lot more tight and scary.

The actor has still not been confirmed for the upcoming season, but he has expressed his desire to be a part of it. Wittrock has spoken to The Wrap and said that he has some films scheduled and this might make his routine a little hectic, but they can always work things out.

The actor might not have been confirmed for American Horror Story Season 6, but he revealed that he has spoken to the creators and they have told the story is not going to have a lot of different plots and hence will be tighter.

The cast will also be less for the coming season. Hotel had an elaborate plot and numerous actors. The actor said that he might be open to doing some of the episodes in Season 6. He said that the executive producers purposely keep the cast members in the dark until the very last minute, so that they aren’t in a position to spill out any information.

There is another actor who might be a part of American Horror Story Season 6. Connie Britton was first seen in Season 3 and ever since then she had been busy with her ABC series, Nashville.

Now with Nashville cancelled, there are chances that she might be coming in for Season 6 of American Horror Story Season 6. Connie Britton is obviously sad that Nashville was cancelled after four successful seasons, but she has decided to look at the positives.

She has said that maybe the cancellation would turn out to be a silver lining since she might end up getting another experience. Connie Britton has made it very clear that she is ready to be a part of American Horror Story Season 6. She said that she has been wanting to be a part of the series ever since Coven and would be happy to do whatever Ryan Murphy has in store for her.