Secrets and Lies Season 2 To Be Out by Fall, No Official Date Yet, Executive Producer Has No Information About the Official Trailer!

It has been a long wait for the confirmation of Secrets and Lies Season 2. The fans knew that the second season is on the cards, but they were running out of patience. The fans had initially felt that the series is going to be announced along with the spring lineup from the network, but that didn’t happen.

The speculation then was that Secret and Lies Season 2 will be present in the summer lineup. The fans are still hopeful that the autumn lineup will have the name of the much anticipated series.

The fans had felt that the absence of Secret and Lies Season 2 from the summer lineup was actually a boon in disguise. Given that the holidays are on during summer, majority of the families are usually spending time outdoors and do not keep a close tab on the television series.

It has been seen that all the major series are usually released around autumn, which is the time that the schools reopen. With the kids away from home, people tune in to watch television. While this is a good news for the fans as they get to watch the show uninterrupted, the continuous delay might not be favorable for the series since they will end up losing viewers now.

Barbara Kligman had kept telling fans that the second season of Secret and Lies Season 2 is going to be a reality. She continued to assure fans that the show has been renewed and they will release it soon enough.

The first time that the creator and executive producer had mentioned Secret and Lies Season 2 was back in April when she was enquired by the fans about any update from the series.

A few days back, she said that Secret and Lies Season 2 is going to be released in the fall of this year and they are just waiting for the final dates to reveal the official news. Even though we don’t have any further updates, the fans are ecstatic since this confirms that their favorite series is going to be a reality and is also going to release by the end of the year.

It has indeed been a long wait for the fans. Ecumenical News reported that Secret and Lies Season 2 was supposed to be released last December, but then the slot was given to American Crime instead. Secret and Lies Season 2 was supposed to take up the spot left by Nashville, but that didn’t happen.

With Kligman making it official that the release is going to happen in the coming fall, fans can heave a sigh of relief. There’s report that only Juliette Lewis will be returning from Season 1.

She is going to look into the murder of Kate Warner (Jordana Brewster). TV Line reports that the Kate and her new husband, Eric Warner (Michael Ealy) is going to attend a party in honor of Eric’s father.

However, the evening turns out to be a horrifying one since Kate gets murdered there. Eric, who is the heir to a rich family and the next in line for the family owned private equity firm in Charlotte, turns to Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) for help.

As Cornell delves deeper into the family secrets of Kate and Eric she unearths information that rocks her completely.

There are reports suggesting that Detective Cornell isn’t going to be the same person after she is done solving the case. Digital Spy has reported that Michael Ealy is going to become the prime suspect in the murder and there are rumors suggesting that Cornell might have picked the right suspect.