Secrets and Lies Season 2 To Be Out by Fall, No Official Date Yet, Executive Producer Has No Information About the Official Trailer!

Secret and Lies Season 2 is also going to see Detective Cornell deal with her personal life, which includes her young daughter and ex-husband. Secret and Lies hadn’t enjoyed a good rating in the first season, but there were some viewers who loved the show because it was a little different from the other detective/crime series that are currently on air.

The show had surprisingly garnered more and more viewers with every episode and this showed its true potential.

Given the interesting plot that has been planned for the upcoming season, there were fans who wanted to know when the network will be releasing the trailer for the series. If not a full trailer, they would have been happy with a teaser promo even, but then the executive producer and creator, Kligman hasn’t been able to provide any information on this either.

The fans have noticed that Kligman has never sounded definitive about any information about Secret and Lies Season 2. However, when she shared the information about Season 2 returning this fall, she sounded the most definitive ever and this gives fans hope that the date is finally approaching.

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