God of War 4 Rumored to Be in The Works, Might Feature Thor as The Protagonist!

The first God of War video game was released back in 2005 and since then the franchise has been able to develop a massive fan base. The next addition to this immensely popular franchise is going to be God of War 4 and reports state that the game is currently in its developmental stages.

Apparently, it is being developed at the Sta. Monica Studios of Sony. It was also reported that some screenshots related to the game was leaked in the past and these screenshots reinforced the rumor that the game is indeed being developed.

Some reports are coming in which suggest that God of War 4 might be revealed at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo event of 2016. The E3 2016 will begin on June 12 and it will continue till the 17th of the same month. It will be held in Los Angeles, CA.

Sony is yet to come forward with a solid update regarding the upcoming game and thus it is being speculated that the tech giant could lift the veils off of the game at the E3 2016. Various reports regarding the game are hinting towards the fact that fans might see a brand new protagonist in God of War 4.

It is a known fact that the Spartan Warrior Kratos has been the leading man in all the previous God of War games. However, if rumors are to be believed, Kratos will no longer be in the leading role in the upcoming game.

In his stead, the Norse God of Lightning- Thor might be seen as the brand new protagonist of the game. Not only Thor, some other Norse Gods like Thor’s father Odin and his brother Loki would also reportedly be included in the game.

Kratos might not be included in the game at all, as per reports. While it is definitely a bold move on the part of Sony to exclude the leading character of the franchise from the upcoming game, a number of fans do believe that it could lend a fresh perspective to the franchise.

They are of the opinion that the story of Kratos had reached its end in the previous game and there is no need to drag it in the upcoming game too. Introduction of a new protagonist to the franchise would work towards adding a breath of fresh air to it. It would also be a good thing for the fans who will be able to play their favorite game with a brand new character with a different set of skills and weapons.

The previous God of War which was titled Ascension was rolled out to the market back in 2013. It was seen that the game failed to live up to expectations of fans and it was unable to generate the expected level of revenue for Sony. Thus it can be assumed that Sony is trying to revive the series by introducing a new lead character to it.

If indeed Thor is introduced as the protagonist for the game, it will be interesting to see if his introduction is enough to provide a boost to its sales. Some other reports claim that Kratos will be present in the upcoming game.

However, instead of being the protagonist, he will be seen in a negative role in it. Apparently, he will be seen entering the Norse world which is inhabited by the likes of Thor, Odin and Loki. Various other reports suggest that Kratos might find himself going up against Egyptian gods in God of War 4.

All being said, it is not possible to state for sure whether or not Kratos will be present in the upcoming game until and unless the developers come forward with some specific details pertaining to it.