All We Know About the Premiere of Steven Universe Season 3, The Clusters Are Preparing to Destroy the World!

Steven Universe’s history experienced the longest hiatus ever but Season 3 has finally been released, coming in a splendid double bill of episodes.  Malachite has returned while Peridot and Steven finally traveled over to the Cluster. It was interesting to see how the adorable Stevenmelons created their very own society.

Keep in mind that the events which transpired in Gem Drill and Steven Watermelon Island will have major implications during the remaining part of Season 3. People are wondering what will happen to Cluster next. The abilities being demonstrated by Steven are quite intriguing in nature.

Meanwhile, Alexandrite has a new fusion-destroying weapon while Steven seems to have a superpower which enables him to befriend any enemy he comes across. We already know that weapons are capable destabilizing fusions but this is a new development. Earlier, the Rubies were broken apart by Rose in ‘The Message’. From the looks of it, Crystal Gems are making use of their combined power.

The fusion was successfully destabilized by Alexandrite without creating any damage on Lapis Lazuli. However, Jasper exercised the most control at that time and he seems rather off. Jasper’s face is obscured by her hair during every shot and a lot of fans already believe that she was gravely wounded by the final blow from Alexandrite.

Is it possible that Jasper’s gem was damaged during the fight?If that happens, it would lead to some really weird things happening to her. She would also get the chance to be healed by Steven. He would further attempt to persuade them towards the side of Crystal Gem.

Newsrama recently talked to creator Rebecca Sugar and series writer Lamar Abrams. A few spoilers were shared along with their thoughts of how the series would continue till season 5 only. On an interesting note, it was revealed that Peridot’s story line could be further expanded. Sugar revealed that she has come under a lot of pressure.

She loves working on Peridot’s storyline and moreover, it was one of her favorites. She wants to keep progressing on these characters and further expand their world. They have seeded a lot of ideas and they are just starting to pay off.

She is quite excited about the world seeing the next range of episodes. All the episodes till this point have a really special place in her heart. She wishes to make stories in the future that she feels quite strongly about. The viewers also witnessed Pearl and Garnet’s feud concerning Gems’ relationship.

The situation gave away the fact that Gems are actually like people. Rumors indicate that Steven Universe will be ending on its fifth season. Abrams further revealed that he has big plans for it. Sugar said that she is shooting for the moon and preparing to ‘’write us into a serious corner!” Abrams admitted that he would remain in the series as long as Sugar wants it.

The Crystal Gems squad and Steven Universe are prepared to save the world from all kinds of monsters and aliens. The season has been Titled in Too Deep and it will issue two-fifteen minute episodes where the titular character of this popular series, will battle against an upcoming threat.

You can watch the premiere episode through Cartoon Network or the official live stream online. The network further released a promo clip which shows Steven and Peridot preparing to drill Earth’s center in order to stop the Cluster from ravaging the world.