All We Know About the Premiere of Steven Universe Season 3, The Clusters Are Preparing to Destroy the World!

The earlier Homeworld Gem wanted Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet which could help them in their dangerous mission. She is informed by Steven that the Crystal Gems are trapped on a particular island.

After coming to know about this, Peridot yells whether she is the only one to understand the meaning of teamwork. In its final state, the Cluster will take over a physical form that is bigger than Earth and when it emerges, it will end up destroying the planet.

Peridot’s relationship with the Gems has evolved and the temporary truce has turned into something more permanent.   Moreover, she completely went against Yellow Diamond, her former master in order to make way for these new friendships.

Meanwhile, in the core of the world, the Clusters are evolving rapidly. If the Gem-geo weapons evolve, they will burst and destroy the entire Earth. The Gem-geo weapons are made up of millions of gem shards artificially infused.

However, the Cluster isn’t the only thing they should be worried about since Yellow Diamond is planning to destroy them as well. Sugar declared that she has lots of plans regarding the plot but according to her, the feelings are evolving since she is a changing person. According to her, the story is quite flexible and rigid.

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