God of War 4 Rumored to Be in The Works, Might Feature Thor as The Protagonist!

A renowned website reports that 50 different developers have been consulted by Sony for the development of the game. It looks like the tech giant is pulling out all stops to ensure that the game becomes a massive hit among fans.

In the past, certain rumors were doing rounds on the internet which claimed that Jak and Daxter will be a part of the game. However, those rumors failed to acquire any kind of official backing and it was later reported that neither Jak nor Daxter will be featuring in the game.

Just in the recent past a survey was held at PlayStation Lifestyle by Sony. In this survey, Sony asked fans of God of War to come forward with their views and opinions regarding what the setting for the upcoming game should be.

While a number of fans claimed that it was time for the introduction of a new character to the series, many others felt that Sony should stick to the original Greek mythology storyline for God of War 4.

They believe that the Greek mythology storyline still has the capability to offer much more and it would be better compared to the introduction of a new character or angle to the franchise.

Stay tuned for more update on God of War 4.