The Sims Have Been Made More Life-Like by New Patches and Updates, Character Jealousy and Trait and Other Emotional Reactions Improved!

The Inquisitr revealed, “Sims may be a little jealous if their boyfriend or girlfriend chats up another Sim in a flirtatious manner, or a Sim can start a fight if their companion is caught kissing another Sim.”

According to the recently released Patch, not only the gameplay and design was improved but it even took care of making sure that the Sims behaved in a proper manner. Right now, the game is almost lifelike and it is almost time for things like the jealousy trait start functioning properly in the game.

With the latest update, it will be very difficult to start any kind of fights without having any consequences in the process. Moreover, new downloadable content is now available and it has been dubbed as the Netflix and Chill patch.

New elements have been added in Create a Sim and Build Mode. However, there are 10 original Sim films which can be watched by the characters in the game. They not only enjoy these films but they also react to the film’s genre in a proper manner.

There are new elements of the game which add some flair to create a Sim and Build Mode, when it comes to the newly available and downloadable content pack, named Netflix and Chill.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!