Apple iPad Air 3: Tech Specs and Release Date on the Cards, Details Regarding the Design is Still Under Wraps!

Apple Inc. currently sells three lineups of their iPad branch, which includes a total of five products, namely the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Pro. Out of these, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 launched back in 2014 and were due for an update.

Apple likes to keep their devices updated with the latest technology and software, although, it was not the case with their iPad lineup for mysterious reasons. The Apple iPad Air 2 was the same height and featured the same screen size as it predecessor, but was thinner and more powerful.

Initial speculations claim that the upcoming Apple iPad Air 3 will be more portable than either of its predecessors and more powerful than the last-gen variant. Apple was expected to launch the iPad Air 3 back in 2015, although, they came up with the iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Pro.

It is likely that the company didn’t want their customers to choose from three different variants of the iPad, and hence held back the device for 2016, which many believe, could be as soon as March 2016.

This seems likely at the moment since Apple is known for showcasing products in March and this has been the trend for the past couple of years. Apple also plans to launched the Watch 2 during March 2016. Hence, it is likely that the iPad Air 3 will have company during launch.

If that is the case, we could also witness the launch of the iPhone 7 in September, along with the next-generation iOS.

The next-generation iOS was rumored to release in the first quarter of 2016, although, judging by the current state of affairs at Apple, and the numerous products that the company already has at hand, it is unlikely for the iOS to be showcased any time before September.

Even though the release date is fast approaching, we have no official word on the Apple iPad Air 3. The device is shrouded in mystery at the moment and we have no word on what it may look like.

However, there are a few minor details that we have come across in terms of design, and this includes a four-speaker layout with two each at the top and the bottom end of the device. The iPad Air 3 also features a rear flash, making it the first device to sport such a capability.

We are not sure whether Apple has decided to improve the camera capability of the iPad Air 3, although, we would have loved to witness an updated 12MP camera, borrowed from the iPhone 6S, on the upcoming device.

This would be a major upgrade to the iPad Air 2, which sports an 8MP primary camera. Even though the technical specifications of the device are currently under wrap, we can think of a few upgrades that this device is likely to feature.

Some of these include a new processor, additional memory and storage facilities. The iPad Air sported the A8 chip while the iPad Pro boasted of the A9X. As a result, we believe that the Apple iPad Air 3 is likely to feature the A9X or the A10 chipset at the least.

The iPad Air 2 featured 2GB of RAM while the iPad Pro comes with a 4GB variant. As a result, the iPad Air 3 is likely to feature a 3GB RAM at the least. The device is likely to sport a 9.7-inch touchscreen along with a 4K resolution.