The Sims Have Been Made More Life-Like by New Patches and Updates, Character Jealousy and Trait and Other Emotional Reactions Improved!

Fans who really love the simulation game will definitely be happy about the fact that their Sims will be reacting to some situations just like their owners do in real life. From the looks of it, this is the result of a new patch which was recently rolled out by Electronic Arts.

The patch notes for the latest updates indicate that the patch which was released this month improved the gameplay as well as the design for The Sims 4 and the Sims were personally tweaked at least in terms of behavioral aspects.

With the new update, the Sims behaves in a more appropriate manner around their guests in the houses. The notes stated, “We have modified the way in which Sims reacts to those acting inappropriately in their neighbors’ homes.

Beware, for you might find your Sim asked to leave if they get out of line.” Meanwhile, another realistic tweak was also added. Furthermore, the behavior of the Sims has been altered when a certain fight breaks out.

It states that your friends will cheer you on during a fight but your enemies will cheer when you are down. According to the latest reports, the tweaks and improvements introduced in The Sims 4 in order to make them more lifelike was started since late last year.

During an earlier note on The Sims website, the jealousy update for the Sims were tweaked through an earlier update and this in turn, made them more emotional in nature. This was done in order to make the title more believable in nature.

Moreover, the continuous updates are being done as part of the developers’ initiative in order to make the characters behave like their owners, similar to what they would do in their real life.

The note further added, “We set out to improve the reliability and responsiveness of Sims’ Reactions. The Reactions system is what we use to make Sims aware of, and able to react to, things around them.”

Besides the regular tweaks for the Sims, the updates have further improved the gameplay and design for The Sims 4. With the new patch, there were several other things added like movie posters and wall decorations along with various fixes which were added in order to fix certain issues.

Meanwhile, there are several things which were changed by the latest patch. For example, before the launch of this patch, the characters could cheat on their partners and spouses without getting their significant others jealous.

However, with the release of this patch, all sorts of unfaithful actions which even include the ones where you are simply flirting with another character can end up setting off other Sims, ultimately resulting in a fight. Besides this trait, some other adjustments were made by Maxis regarding the general emotional notes of the characters.

Vine Report said that these tweaks were made for the game’s social environment or when the Sims invites other characters to their homes. Moreover, with the latest patch, the characters now behave more properly during the presence of guests. It means that when they are in presence of other Sims, they do not start off fights or heated arguments.

If there is too much tension, the Sims might ask other characters to leave instead of letting the situation escalate into an altercation. The complete update comes with various other fixes for connection issues, gameplay enhancements and much more.

The Sims 4 was released in September 2014 for the Microsoft Windows System. After that, it made its way into Apple OS X platform which took place in February last year.