Lindsay Lohan: Disses Her Mother and Confesses to Missing Her, Still Hung Up On Her Ex, Is She a Victim of Domestic Violence? Let’s See

Lindsay Lohan is known for her erratic behavior and it was her mom who was the one they are directed at. Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina Lohan, are believed to be very close, but then something must have gone wrong between them since Lindsay Lohan dissed Dina Lohan online.

She shared a cartoon photo of herself slamming the phone. The cartoon image had the words we’re done on it. She captioned the photo, tagging her mother and writing that it sometimes hurts when one’s mother is not there for them.

The minute after the post was uploaded, the actress pulled it off the social media page, but then there were numerous fans who had taken screen shot of the image and it is now widely being circulated on the internet.

Lindsay Lohan later uploaded a flashback photo of her mother along with her siblings and again tagged Dina Lohan requesting her to visit. These photos haven’t had any response from Dina Lohan and this gives rise to some speculation that all isn’t well between the two.

The two have always been very close and have regularly shared and uploaded photos. Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina Lohan recently shared a photo of her daughter with her natural red hair again, while Lohan has uploaded photos with captions suggesting that has been missing her mother.

Lindsay Lohan has suddenly taken to uploading old photos from the family album. She shares photos with her mother and her siblings and every photo of hers comes with the caption of how much she misses them and that she will see them soon.

Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina Lohan have previously been in a rather big public fight. Dina Lohan had moved into her house after separating from Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan. The actress had complained to the police when she found out that her mother was selling off some of her possessions without consulting her.

The cops had been called and things had gotten very nasty, but then they sorted things out and have been very tight over the years.

The two had come into the news again when Fox News had reportedly commented on a show of theirs that Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan are very close and that the mother-daughter duo did cocaine together.

The Lohans filed a defamation case against Fox News and their attorney had come to say that TV personality Michelle Fields had made a derogatory comment in a very matter of fact manner and it is not true.

Fox News had released a statement stating that they are very sorry for the statement being made by Ms. Field, as a guest in a show hosted by Sean Hannity. They responded back stating that the statement was made nearly a year before the case was filed and the segment has been removed from the archives and Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan were offered a public apology.

Lindsay Lohan and her mother supposedly asked for monetary compensation, but Fox news responded back saying that everything was settled a year before and why would the Lohans demand for monetary compensation this late. Exception Magazine couldn’t confirm whether monetary benefits were given.

Lindsay Lohan had been dating Samantha Ronson once upon a time. The two had had a roaring romance with multiple nasty fights and make ups. The pair ultimately decided to go their separate ways.

Radar Online has reported that Lindsay Lohan still hasn’t gotten over Sam Ronson. Lohan has been calling her up continuously and trying to make her get back, irrespective of the fact that Sam Ronson is now in a committed relationship.