LG G5 Images Leaked, How Will It Stack Up Against The Samsung Galaxy S7? Let’s See!

When it comes to rumors and leaks, 2016 has already started seeing a lot of it. There is lots of information coming up regarding the news of upcoming flagship models which have already surfaced online. The upcoming Galaxy S7 flagship has been the focus of a majority of leaks worldwide and today, the first images of this device have leaked online for all to see.

The device is highly anticipated and naturally, people are pretty excited about it. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is due to release next month but this doesn’t mean that other manufacturers are out of the run. On the contrary, some alleged images of LG’s upcoming flagship, the G5 have already leaked online.

It is the company’s highly anticipated successor to the earlier LG G4 and like its predecessor, it will be a magnificent and revolutionary device. The LG G5 comes with new elements located on the front of the device but overall, the G5 retains the design aesthetics of its predecessor along with its curvature design.

This has been deduced from the images of LG G5 that have been leaked so far. Similar to the Galaxy S7, the leaks on the G5 seem to sport the developer edition and almost all the portions of this device has been camouflaged in order to preserve design secrecy. However, lots of other details regarding the device are missing at the moment.

The LG G5 appears to be rather simplistic in nature besides the special curvature design. It is quite simple with speaker, proximity sensor and front camera which were spotted on the recently released image. In the front, there is no home button.

Coupled with the fingerprint sensor, the home button is placed at the back and it can be seen in one of the leaked images. Meanwhile, it seems like LG G5 will arrive with a dual camera setup. If this turns out to be true, it will be a rather exciting addition for the users.

On its predecessor, the LG G4, camera features and photography related functionality were successfully integrated. During the time of its launch, it was declared that the G4 was capable of professional level photography. Considering all the expected features, it is expected that the LG G5 will be tremendously well-equipped device when it comes to the camera department.

When you check out the bottom and side portions of the device, you will notice USB-Type C connectivity besides the speakers and the headphone jack.

The volume keys for the LG G5 are located on the left side of the device while the Micro SD and SIM slots have been placed on the right side of the device. In the mobile world, there has been an increasing trend of giving up any form of micro SD storage. Considering that, the LG G5 will be a rather welcome addition among users planning to buy it.

Meanwhile, the LG G5 will sport a display size of 5.3-5.6 inches, 2K screen resolution and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. LG is quite talented when it comes to design and functionality.

Therefore, we can all expect that LG will release a powerhouse of a device this year.

At the MWC Congress, it will be interesting to notice the confrontation between LG G5 and Galaxy S7. This will definitely be an interesting confrontation and people are pretty excited about it. Right now, a lot of people are talking about the LG G5 and according to the latest rumors, it will come with a removable battery pack and in terms of display, it should be comparable to the V10.