Casino DLC Info for GTA 5 Online Leaked, You Can Now Explore 5 Secret Yacht Features!

Famous YouTuber MrBossFTW has revealed some fresh new information and details regarding Casino DLC gameplay and according to the reports, this DLC will come with three new gambling modes along with various activities and more for GTA 5 Online.

Prolific GTA tipster funmw2 is responsible for these leaks and he recently hinted that the DLC for which the people are waiting for should be released soon. According to funmw2’s recent posts on GTA forums, Rockstar has ditched his FOS V4 capture mode since 2013 from GTA Online and instead they have invested the tipster’s surplus in-game money for the Casino.

This is likely to be released with the upcoming single-player DLC. During a response to a recent fan query on GTA forums, it was asserted by funmw2 that the Casino will be coming with a single-player DLC along with a lot of new mini-games and entertaining activities.

With the casino update, there will be two new DLCs which were seen in the game codes connected to previous updates. The tipster further reported that the Casino DLC will be a major update which has been clearly revealed through the recently discovered coding information. Moreover, it will be featured on both single-player and multiplayer game modes in GTA 5, as mentioned by the coding info from 1.13 update.

The Casino DLC will come with three new mini-games and they are poker, blackjack and slot. Relevant codes were discovered through a script related to online, named “am_mp_property_int”. Ross further admits that the Casino DLC will feature something similar to poker game from Red Dead Redemption from GTA Online.

Talking about the gambling mechanics, it will be more of a real-world scenario where players will be able to gamble at their own risk using shark cards or equivalent in-game money. Gamers will be able to make or break their fortune by winning or losing thousands of dollars through the new Casino DLC.

Once you have lost the money, there is no getting it back. In this sense, this is as realistic as it gets. A lot of customizable properties have been introduced in the Executives and Other Criminals DLC. As a result, the time is now ripe for the release of Casino DLC in GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online.

At the front of the casino, you can see design upgrades and banners and they clearly hint at a work in progress as far as the DLC is concerned. Considering the recently leaked coding for GTA 5 Online, this particular DLC should be coming soon enough.

YouTuber MrBossFTW revealed some fresh info regarding a bunch of secret yacht features through his latest gameplay video for GTA 5 Online.

Within a month, this renowned YouTuber has released the second the second installment of the secret yachts’ feature tour.  He talked about the first secret, revealing that the ship’s captain will have a different dialogue pattern based on the time and weather conditions that are prevailing outside.

Furthermore, the source of this information has again been credited to tipster funmw2, who earlier revealed this information through a post on GTA 5 sub-Reddit.

There is a leaked screenshot showing a script and according to the tipster, the captain makes different kinds of comments depending upon the changing weather patterns. This can include fog, rainy, sunny and stormy weather conditions.

Besides the four random comments, the captain should also indulge in some personal chats with you. Ross further confirmed that the private yacht does move around locations in free mode without you actually shelling out $25,000 for the location shift. Ross revealed another crazy thing regarding what would happen if you fail to pay up your yacht’s rental in GTA Online.