Transformers 5: Film to Start Shooting from May, Spoilers On Plot and Star Cast, Logo Unveiled!

Things have suddenly started to take shape in the world of Transformers 5. Paramount Pictures had reported that Transformers 5 will be directed by Michael Bay and they have now come out to reveal that the film will get on the floor from May 2016. There has, however, been no report to suggest where the film would be shot.

Bay had once informed in an interview with WGN that the location is likely to be Chicago. Dean Richards at the WGN Radio had asked him if he would be returning to Michigan Avenue to shoot for Transformers 5, and the noted film-maker had replied that he loves Chicago and that’s where he will head with the Transformers.

The fans of the Transformers franchise are in for a treat with the fifth installment of the series. Paramount Pictures had roped in Oscar-winning scriptwriter Akiva Goldsman for heading the writing department and he had with him a team of the best writers in the business, like Matt Holloway, Ken Nolan, Zak Penn, Jeff Pinkner and Art Marcum to name a few.

Akiva Goldsman and his writing team are trying to revive the franchise this time. They want to explore instances from the long history of the Transformers history to pick out moments that mean a lot of the fans, but have never been depicted on screen. The writing room is going through the long history of the Hasbro toys to get a spark of an idea.

International Business Times has reported that Transformers 5 will see Optimus Prime heading to outer space to have a word with the Creator. The Quintessons are on a mission to eliminate the humans from Earth and Optimus Prime decides to stop them from the venture.

There was a rumor that Transformers 5 will star Megan Fox this time, but this had given rise to confusion since Mark Wahlberg had confirmed his presence in the fifth installment.

The two of them appear in different time frames in the Transformers franchise and fans couldn’t understand how Akiva Goldsman would combine their story in the same film.

It was then rumored that Megan Fox might be a part of Transformers 5 in a flashback moment, which would make it possible for Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager, be a part of the film.

Design n Trend has reported that Nicole Peltz will also be back as Tessa, Cade Yeager’s daughter. Megan Fox has now informed that she won’t be a part of Transformers 5. She had a huge issue with Michael Bay, which had caused her to be removed from the franchise.

However, Megan Fox and Michael Bay have buried their hatchet now, but Paramount Pictures and Akiva Goldsman has a different trajectory for Transformers 5, which doesn’t have space for Mega Fox’s character. Megan Fox had also said once that she will be a part of Transformers 5 only if Shia LeBouf is a part.

Akiva Goldsman gave an interview to IGN in October last year and informed that the writers’ room will try to work on a plot that will be able to satisfy the viewers.

He said that the main for the scriptwriters is to make a standalone movie, while keeping in mind the fact that each of the films appears to have plot lines that are interconnected. He has accepted the fact that he will not be able to make all the fans happy, but they will give their best.

Akiva Goldsman accepted that each franchise aims at keeping interconnectedness while making sure that the story doesn’t become predictable. He said that there is integrity in any kind of serialized story-telling and the team of writers in Transformers 5 is aiming to nail it.