Transformers 5: Film to Start Shooting from May, Spoilers On Plot and Star Cast, Logo Unveiled!

They are trying to satisfy both the long term gratification while making sure that the short term gratification is also satisfied equally.

Enstarz reported that the logo for Transformers 5 had been unveiled recently. The logo has a red stencil layout of Optimus Prime’s face with the number five on the other side.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation of whether the working logo is the official one, given how the previous films saw the placeholder logo going on to become the official logo, there is a chance for the same with Transformers 5.

The plot for Transformers 5 is kept under wrap, but what has been hinted is that the plot will be in two parts. One will see Optimus Prime heading to space with a possible clash with Unicron while the second will focus on Cade Yeager and Ultra Magnus on Earth. Akiva Goldsman isn’t writing the script, he is supervising the process.

There is a talk of spin-offs from the Transformers franchise, but Stephen J. Davis, the president of Hasbro has informed that there is still time for that.

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