The Sims 4 Set to Release on Consoles Soon, New and Exciting Spa Day Pack Added, And More

The Sims 4 was initially launched on the PC and it was an overnight hit. The previous installments of this series were released on consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 and as a result, it has a pretty huge fanbase.

Right now, the latest consoles in the market like PS4 and Xbox One is increasing in popularity and people EA Sports will definitely do great by launching The Sims 4 on present generation consoles and Mac.

Right now, EA hasn’t announced a release date for consoles but it is expected that the game will debut on Xbox One and PS4 sometime in the near future. All the other versions of The Sims have been introduced to console gamers and we should expect the same to happen with The Sims 4 around fall this year.

Keeping in line with the marketing perspective, we can expect it to be launched during Christmas. Keeping speculations aside, we can definitely expect this game to be a major hit if it’s released on the present generation consoles and Mac.

Recently, the Spa Day Game Pack was added to The Sims 4 on 14th July and with this, the Spa becomes a new kind of a venue and at the same time, a new Wellness Skill. In order to help the players out, Maxis has introduced certain tips.

This will be specifically helpful to those players who wish to set up their own spa instead of relying on the ones that will be seen in the game when Spa Day is loaded. Players will be able to design the spa based on the tastes, preferences and lifestyle of their Sims. These will include features like sauna, massages, meditation and much more.

There are many new objects through which the Sims can now sit back and relax at a spa. These include exciting features like a mud bath, sauna, and massage table and also a whole wardrobe filled with new outfits which would please spa-hoers and yogis alike.

Furthermore, the spa comes with wellness skills. As the Sims become more skilled with time, they will be able to perform that yoga pose more easily and hold it for a longer time. You can ultimately become a master masseuse and gain the ability to levitate as well as teleport.

In a new trailer by Electronic Arts showing the Spa Day pack, Sims are seen nourishing their minds, bodies and souls with cucumber facials while trying to prevent a heatstroke from the sauna! It seems like even the most relaxing place on Earth can be a bit too much for the Sims and there lies the fun of management!

The new Spa Day Pack will add four different venues in the game. The first three locations are the different kinds of spas. The Perfect Balance Spa is where the Sims will be able to improve their wellness by making use of sauna and meditation.

The Center of Center Massage Spa will help them get some well-earned relaxation along with comforting and stimulating massages. And lastly, as the name suggests, the Aham Ashram Yoga Studio will allow the Sims to learn more about the fine art of Yoga. With the wellness skills, Sims will be able to make new recipes which come with special benefits.

In the meantime, instead of visiting these spas, you can build one of your own and design it according to your lifestyle needs and preferences. Take a look at some of the tips to build a new Spa in The Sims 4.

9 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Set to Release on Consoles Soon, New and Exciting Spa Day Pack Added, And More”

  1. What if we there was a re-creation of the old sims 1 console game, I remember playing that when I was younger and that was a really fun and an adventurous game. It would be so great if this were done, instead of just making a pretty similar copy of the game just on console, that lacks updates and are outdated to the PC game.

  2. yall better make sims4 for xbox360 becuse i ben waiting for a year GOT ME MAD FACE REALY FUCKING MAD

  3. I would really love to see it on the ps3. I don’t have all the money in the world to afford a ps4 at the moment. All I would be able to get is the game.

  4. AGREED!!! -.-

    I saw above where they said “on xbox one and MAC”. I really hope you don’t have to have a MAC to play. Not everybody has that kind of money.

  5. …heres the thing.

    1. EA never announced this on any official site or related sims site.
    2. No source means its likely fake.
    3. Producer Lucy Bradshaw as well as top EA planners have said multiple times that The Sims 3 for console likely is the final Sims product on consoles. The console games haven’t sold well at all since The Urbz. The Sims 1 and Bustin Out did great. Urbz, 2, the spinoffs and 3 didn’t sell to expectations and EA lost alot of money. I loved the console games myself, but I don’t blame EA if they want to release the game on console just to lost thousands of dollars.

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