The Sims 4 Set to Release on Consoles Soon, New and Exciting Spa Day Pack Added, And More

Firstly, players need to select the Spa Lot type and then look into the details in the Build Mode. To do this, players will need to go to Objects by Function > Show all > select Spa Day in the filter panel and doing this will allow the players to see all the items that are required to build that Spa in the game.

After this, the players must look for a chair and Reflexologist NPCs near them for a massage. When building the spa, you should leave ample amount of room near the chair where the reflexologist can work. You will need a Relaxer Massage Table which allows the Sims to get a massage from the Massage Therapist NPCs.

At the same time, Sims will be able to give other Sims massages; provided they have brand-new Wellness Skills and they are not in the Spa Lot. You will also need the Zen Again Yoga Mat and Instructor Zen Again Yoga Mat. The Zen Again can be used on any lot and compared to that the Instructor Zen Again can be used specifically on Spa and Gym Lots.

There are namely two types of saunas, the Artificial Fever Room and StoneZone Sauna. There are also meditation stools like the Ohmm My Gosh Meditation Stool and The Introspective Contemplation Stool, which the players can use in order to increase their Wellness Skills.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!

9 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Set to Release on Consoles Soon, New and Exciting Spa Day Pack Added, And More”

  1. What if we there was a re-creation of the old sims 1 console game, I remember playing that when I was younger and that was a really fun and an adventurous game. It would be so great if this were done, instead of just making a pretty similar copy of the game just on console, that lacks updates and are outdated to the PC game.

  2. yall better make sims4 for xbox360 becuse i ben waiting for a year GOT ME MAD FACE REALY FUCKING MAD

  3. I would really love to see it on the ps3. I don’t have all the money in the world to afford a ps4 at the moment. All I would be able to get is the game.

  4. AGREED!!! -.-

    I saw above where they said “on xbox one and MAC”. I really hope you don’t have to have a MAC to play. Not everybody has that kind of money.

  5. …heres the thing.

    1. EA never announced this on any official site or related sims site.
    2. No source means its likely fake.
    3. Producer Lucy Bradshaw as well as top EA planners have said multiple times that The Sims 3 for console likely is the final Sims product on consoles. The console games haven’t sold well at all since The Urbz. The Sims 1 and Bustin Out did great. Urbz, 2, the spinoffs and 3 didn’t sell to expectations and EA lost alot of money. I loved the console games myself, but I don’t blame EA if they want to release the game on console just to lost thousands of dollars.

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