Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to Be Released In October, Reports Suggest an Increase in Shipment Quantities, And More

Reports indicate that Microsoft is gearing up for the upcoming release of the Surface Pro 4 and it will arrive in retail stores, starting from October. People are expecting that the device will debut with the Windows 10 operating system.

According to a Tech Times report that was issued on Thursday, the company is yet to confirm any such statement regarding the Surface Pro 4 launch. Reports till now suggest that Microsoft has been quite secretive regarding the launch of this device.

According to hints issued by several suppliers, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 hardware components will start shipping from September this year and the device will be finally made available in October. According to Tech Times, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be similar in terms of external design, to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3.

It will have the same bezel but with a large display of 12 inches in response to feedback from tablet users and possibly to compete with the rumored upcoming iPad Pro as well.

Further reports suggest that Yibada recently confirmed that the Surface Pro 4 will be revealed early in the fourth quarter of this year, according to rumors from industry insiders. The report also indicated that Microsoft is promoting the Lumia 940 and the 940XL at the moment along with its upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the new laptop-tablet hybrid is expected to be released in October due to reports suggesting that Microsoft has placed orders for various hardware components and SSD for this upcoming device. In collaboration with Samsung Electronics, the Redmondian giant has placed a bulk order for 256GB SSDs.

This was reported by DigiTimes by citing an unnamed supply chain. The thing which further strengthens the October release report is the fact that Microsoft asked its hardware components to be delivered by September so that they can release the device in October.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is collaborating with different kinds of manufacturers in order to manufacture the Surface Pro 4. As already mentioned, the form factor of this device will be similar to that of its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3. Reports indicate that the device will be manufactured by Pegatron Technology.

The magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis will be manufactured by Jun Ten International. The cooling models for the Surface Pro 4 will be introduced Taisol Electronics and Chaun-Choung Technology. Furthermore, ITE Tech, Realtek and Winbond will accomplish the task of supplying the chips.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will come with the Intel Skylake processor and speculations suggest that it will have a 12-inch display, similar to that on the Surface Pro 3. Win Beta confirmed that it will have Windows 10 onboard.

Right now, Microsoft is shipping more than 300,000 Surface Pro 3 units. However, in case of the Surface Pro 4, the company will be increasing the orders by 500,000-600,000 per month. Microsoft might also launch the tablet in India in order to expand its sales.

Intel’s Skylake chipset is currently the most powerful processor available in the market and Microsoft is using it to power the Surface Pro 4. As a result, we can expect the device to be quite powerful but can it beat the Apple iPad Pro.

Only time will be able to answer that question. Apple devices have a market niche of their own and people who have used an Apple device in the past generally have the tendency to stick to it.

Apple specializes in simplicity and perfection. Apple iPads are thin and fiercely powerful. With Microsoft rumored to be retaining the ultra-thin form factor classy magnesium chassis of its predecessor, we can hope that it will surely turn some heads. If the current reports are true, we can expect to see the 2160p resolution on a magnificent display.