GTA 6 Likely to Introduce Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes with Major Innovations, More Details

Reports indicate that Rockstar is currently looking at a 2018 release for GTA 6 rather than 2020. Rumors suggest that entire US will be mapped out in the upcoming game and it will most likely feature celebrated couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes as the lead, as reported by Youth Health Mag.

Earlier this month, we witnessed reports suggesting the possible inclusion of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes to play the lead characters. This complies with the report that talked about big name being included in the sixth installment of this franchise.

Earlier, there were also reports regarding the possible inclusion of a female protagonist. If that report holds true, Eva Mendes could turn out to be the female protagonist.

Reports suggest that Rockstar will try to connect GTA 6 with another one of their celebrated franchises, Red Dead Redemption, by introducing Ryan Gosling as a descendant of RDR lead character, John Marstan.

GTA 5 was popular all over the world, breaking and making all sorts of sales records and profits. Hence, if the predecessor is any indication, GTA 6 should be a massive, mind-blowing success just waiting to be introduced in due course of time.

Contrasting to the rumors mentioned above, certain reports suggest that there will be three lead characters from three different locations, Los Angeles, Chicago and what some are saying to be London. However, a certain rumor is being repeated in many circles and that is the inclusion of a female lead.

GTA only had male protagonists till now (too much male, like Trevor!) but things could turn out to be different in GTA 6. Master Herald reported that Rockstar is possibly looking at an adaptation of Ryan Gosling’s movie “Drive”, for the upcoming GTA.

Meanwhile, according to The Latino Post, if Rockstar pays attention to the recent requests by fans, the developers could introduce more money-generating missions like getting jobs of joining the army or the police force.

These missions will add a more realistic and life-like setting to the game. There are also reports that fans are requesting Rockstar to introduce a 70s setting in GTA 6 as that era was filled with varying levels of corruption and major crime impact by mafias.

In the meantime, people are quite excited about the upcoming installment and a lot of us are developing their own wishlists with stuff they wish to see in the next game.

Right now, we can be sure that GTA 6 will no longer release on the old-generation PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles and we should instead expect an exclusive PS4 and Xbox One release in the beginning, followed by a PC release later.

Firstly, Rockstar could totally get rid of load times. Earlier, it was understandable that load times were a mandatory thing, what with the developers working with new formats and stuff. GTA 5 was devoid of load times but certain online hitches were present.

In order to make sure that GTA 6 provides a really immersive experience, Rockstar must totally get rid of load times. A more fantastic wish suggests greater amounts of building interaction in GTA 6. Games should be able to interact with every building in the map.

GTA 5 provided loads of interior levels but there will still a lot of limitations. GTA 6 should make buildings more accessible so that we can scale a building or get into the high-rise block of flats and rob someone, and then jump out of the window.

Right now, gamers want the AI to be more interactive. There are many ways through which GTA 6 could be made full of intelligent life rather than just lifeless filler AI all over the city.