GTA 6 Likely to Introduce Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes with Major Innovations, More Details

NPCs should be able to perform their specific tasks which lend a certain amount of creativity to the game. For example, if the player decides to rob a bank, the citizens should starting participating in it by calling the police or perhaps aiding player and becoming allies.

GTA 6 should involve a world that is teeming with life. This means more animals. GTA 5 had a lot of different kinds of animals moving about the world. There were sharks in the sea and much more.

However, animals were still limited and GTA 6 should change that. How about borrowing some ideas from Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4? They did an excellent job with that title, any gamer will admit it.

GTA 6 could not only span across several cities but also several decades. For example, the game could begin in 1980s Miami filled with more than enough vice than you could tackle. In the end, it could feature a setting in present London, which would be interesting to say the least!

Which of these features do you think should be added in GTA 6? Stay tuned for more updates!