Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to Be Released In October, Reports Suggest an Increase in Shipment Quantities, And More

People with multimedia and entertainment requirements should be satisfied well enough, by this upcoming device. Meanwhile, if Surface Pro 4 debuts with Windows 10 OS and 16GB RAM as current rumors suggest, it will offer incredible performance. Forget lag, you’ll need to keep up with its pace.

Although there are no mentions of any additional storage variants, a device with such performance does meet the requirements for a 1TB storage capacity. After the release of this device, it is being predicted that there will be a spike in tablets sale and even Microsoft is aware of this.

Users these days prefer a change in design but as already mentioned, it seems like the Surface Pro 4 will look the same as its predecessor, at least externally of course.

We don’t know what effect this might have on the people waiting for it to launch. Even if the design remains same, rumors suggest that Microsoft has introduced magnificent hardware upgrades and that will probably suffice.

Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft Surface Pro 4!