The Secrets of Jo Wilson Revealed, Sara Ramirez Declares Her Departure from Grey’s Anatomy After 10 Years, More Details!

The fight was regarding his decision about operating on a pregnant woman, while in a hallway. According to him, season 12 last episode will be similarly intense.

He declared that the table read is actually when Grey’s cast actually enjoy the show’s events like the fans. They kept talking about it all the time. Take a look at this video in order to get more information on the finale.

Sara Ramirez declared on Thursday, 19th May that she is finally going to leave Grey’s Anatomy after playing Dr. Callie Torres for 10 years. According to her statement on US Weekly, she joined the show late during the 2nd season. The actress declared how she was waiting to enjoy some downtime while thanking Shonda Rhimes (series creator) and her colleagues.

The 40-year old said that she will be enjoying some welcome time off and at the same time, she is quite grateful about spending the last 10- years of her life, with the Grey’s Anatomy family. According to her, it was quite terrific to work with Shonda and they will definitely keep in touch.

She sent her love to the entire crew and looked forward to be an everlasting family member in Grey’s Anatomy. Rhimes declared that she was incredibly happy about Sara’s journey and it inspired her along with millions of fans every week. She is excited about Sara’s future and at the same time, she will be missing her a lot.

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