The Secrets of Jo Wilson Revealed, Sara Ramirez Declares Her Departure from Grey’s Anatomy After 10 Years, More Details!

The reason why Jo Wilson wouldn’t marry Alex was finally revealed in Thursday’s finale episode of Grey’s Anatomy. A lot of you probably did not see this surprise twist coming. Alex’s proposal was again turned down and it seemed like the end was near for the couple referred to as Jolex by the fans. Jo was sad about the fact that she couldn’t tell Alex the reason as to why a marriage was not possible.

She got drunk and decided to reveal the truth to DeLuca. She is already married. A few years back, Jo was married to a man who was loved by everyone but she was secretly abused by him, due to which she ran. Sadly, DeLuca helps a drunken Jo into her bed and accidentally falls on top of Alex, just as she walks in.

Alex responds by punching DeLuca, which was quite expected to tell the truth. Now people are wondering as to how this will change things with the couple. Moreover, in reality, who is Jo Wilson? Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo’s character, talked to Entertainment Weekly about it. According to her, she doesn’t know much at all.

Midway through the season, it was revealed that Shonda wants to explore her backstory. Camilla believed that it was going to be about a relationship, due to the answered question about engagement.

However, she was not aware of the direction in which the situation was heading. She had no idea till the table read that Jo was already married. She also didn’t know that Jo Wilson was not her real name.

It was a shocking revelation. After knowing about her troubled past, Camilla thought about it while trying to recollect other events.

She still thinks that when Alex wanted to marry him during the 8th episode, she was heading towards the apartment in order to break up with him. While he made that proposal, she decided not to divulge any past information, especially when she was feeling so vulnerable.

Meanwhile, after the death of Derek Shepherd, people were concerned about how the series would continue in his absence. This concern was legitimate and people wondered how Meredith Grey could continue after losing her husband and Christina Yang, back to back. However, according to Ellen Pompeo, some of the concerns were quite sexist.

During an interview with EW, she asked why it was not possible for her to be the lead of the show like Annalise or Olive. In the 12th season, it was revealed that the show would not function with Meredith alone at the helm.

In fact, the show improved since the male lead was lost. Meredith’s life and personality beyond MerDer story line, was explored.

The story focused on talented players who would have been busy riding the Grey’s bench (for instance, Dr. Warren). On top of that, the show focused on exploring issues regarding the women at work.

In other news, words are not enough to describe the season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy. As a result, when Jason George talked with US Weekly video regarding the 19th May surprise, he started using emojis to explain and act himself out. Dr. Ben Warren, the 44-year old’s character, has been fighting with Dr. Miranda Bailey, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s Chief of Surgery.