NBA 2K17 Likely to Release in September, Legend Edition Theme on Kobe Bryant to Be Revealed, Stephen Curry’s Gameplay Revamped!

NBA 2K17 is an upcoming basketball simulation game that is being developed by the company Visual Concepts. It will be released for the platforms of PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the month of September.

Various rumors regarding the upcoming game have started doing rounds on the internet. Fans of the franchise are eagerly waiting for the release of the game and are also speculating as to which basketball player will be portrayed on its cover.

It has come to light that a Limited Edition of the game will be released along with the regular edition. This Limited Edition version of the game will feature renowned basketball player Kobe Bryant on its cover.

A special event called the NBA 2K16 Road to the Finals will be held during the oncoming month and it was reported that it is during this event that the cover player of the regular edition of the game will be revealed.

It has been reported that the Limited Edition version of the game will be packed with several additional items along with the game itself. The Limited Edition pack of NBA 2K16 will contain a limited edition poster of Kobe Bryant along with the game.

That apart, a special Black Mamba controller skin will also be included in the pack. Also included will be two custom Panini Playing cards with Bryant.

The Limited Edition pack which is currently up for pre-order on Amazon for a price of $79.99 will also include some other goodies which include a digital bonus in the form of 30,000 Virtual Currency.

A special MyTeam Bundle will also be received by players who purchase the Limited Edition pack. This MyTeam Bundle will contain three packs. Fans will surely receive a Kobe Bryant card from these packs. A Kobe Bryant hoodie, a Kobe Bryant #8 Mitchell and Ness jersey and Bryant’s Nike 11 retirement shoes will also be part of the Bundle.

Reports also suggest that the Legend Edition of the game will comprise of even more goodies. However, what those goodies will be are not known yet. That being said, the developers will be announcing the goodies just before the game is about to be released.

The Kobe Bryant Limited Edition version of the game is being dubbed as the Legend Edition. It should be mentioned here that the Legend Edition will not be released for the last gen consoles of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As for the regular edition of the game, it can be pre-ordered on Amazon for a price of $59.99.

In the past 2K had made some announcements which stated that the company plans to honor Kobe Bryant’s shining career through their upcoming basketball game. The company has kept its promise and is developing the Legend Edition which will be specifically themed on Kobe Bryant.

As for the renowned athlete, Kobe Bryant recently stated that it was exciting for him to know that his fans will be able to celebrate his career through the upcoming game even after his retirement.

It is being speculated that the game will hit the market during the month of September. However, the developers are yet to come forward with a specific release date for it. It has been seen in the past that previous NBA games have been released within the months of September to October.

Just in the previous year, NBA 2K16 hit the market during the ending days of September 2015. Thus, chances are high that its successor is also rolled out during the same month. It has also been seen that 2K usually rolls out a new game on Tuesday. In that context, September 27th is a strong contender when it comes to a release date for the game as it is a Tuesday.