CBS Confirms Spin-Off of Based on The Good Wife, New Series to Deal with Diane Lockhart and Lucca Quinn!

The Good Wife finally ended after a successful run of seven seasons, which included one hundred and fifty-six episodes. The show was a long one, with numerous plots and characters, some of whom were left in the middle and long forgotten, but there was a reason why the show was such a great hit.

Alicia Florrick, was a character that the viewers saw evolve across the seven seasons. She went from being a lonely wife whose husband got involved in a public scandal, to a lawyer with a successful career.

After The Good Wife came to an end there were rumors the show will get a spin-off with one of the successful characters. However, CBS didn’t confirm anything and said that there are talks of a spin-off, but it is still in the pipeline. BBC has now confirmed that CBS has planned for a spin-off of The Good Wife and it is likely to premiere in the first half of next year.

The spin-off will be released in the online streaming service of CBS, known as CBS All Access and it is going to see the return of Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart and Cush Jumbo, who will reprise his role of Lucca Quinn.

While Christine Baranski has been a part of all the seven seasons of The Good Wife, Cush Jumbo, a British actress, was introduced in the final season, where she played the role of a lawyer.

Marc DeBevoise, the general manager of CBS Digital Media spoke about the network’s decision to bring in a spin-off of The Good Wife. He said that The Good Wife was one of their post popular series and it had been running successfully for a very long time. It has also been one of the most popular series when it comes to the digital platform as well.

The story and the characters that the series created were incredible and there is a lot that is left in the universe of The Good Wife that could be harnessed. The creators of The Good Wife, Robert King and Michelle King will be brought in to work on the first episode of the series. The title of the series hasn’t been worked out and it is likely to have around ten to thirteen episodes.

The series will start off with only Lockhart and Quinn’s character, but new characters are going to be introduced as the plot develops. David Stapf, the president of CBS Television Studios has stated that the plot of The Good Wife was one of the best in television history and he hopes that the same can be created with the spin-off that the creators have planned on.

The Good Wife ended in a finale that shocked a lot of fans. There are many who complain that numerous plots were left unanswered and there is some hope that the story of the spin-off, which picks up a year after the events last shown on The Good Wife, will address them.

The Good Wife ended with Alicia (Julianna Margulies) discrediting her friend, Diane’s husband Kurt (Gary Cole), who was supposed to give testimony in the court of law against Alicia’s ex-husband, Peter (Chris Noth).

Alicia gets Peter’s lawyer, Quinn to tarnish Kurt by revealing his affair with a young colleague. While this testimony saves Peter, it makes a joke out of Diane’s marriage and she will not be letting go of things so easily.