CBS Confirms Spin-Off of Based on The Good Wife, New Series to Deal with Diane Lockhart and Lucca Quinn!

The spin-off involving Diane and Quinn, will give the former enough time to recover from the incidents of the past year. Diane is sure to come around to make some major changes in the law firm that she had started without Alicia.

With Alicia out of the picture, Diane is likely to make things bad for Lucca. There are reports suggesting that Diane is going to look at the helm of matters and will relegate Lucca to the background.

The avid fans of The Good Wife are hoping that some of the important and well-loved characters are brought in. She Knows has reported that the fans hope that new professional characters are brought in.

The general public wants Cary and Kalinda to be introduced in the spin-off. They also hope that a strong male or female character is brought in to vie for Diane’s position. CBS has decided to introduce some laughter in their line-up and hence the most popular network is introducing programs featuring Matt LeBlanc, Joel McHale and Kevin James.

CBS News reported that the network plans to improve on the average of ten million viewers per episode for each of its seventeen shows and it hopes that the spin-off of The Good Wife and the new line-up will help them achieve that.

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