Premiere Episode Of Sister Wives Deals With Meri Catfish Incident, Robyn Speaks About Her Pregnancy Complication, Is Maddie Pregnant? Let’s See

Sister Wives Season 6 was an exciting one and it looks like the seventh season is going to follow suit. The TLC reality series revealed the big announcement that Maddie had to make to the family. The last season had closed with Maddie, Janelle and Kody Brown’s eldest daughter announcing that she was going to marry her boyfriend, Caleb and then will move to Montana to start their new life together.

The viewers of Sister Wives had seen Caleb ask Kody’s permission to marry his daughter. This is a tradition in the Brown family since Kody Brown had himself spoken directly to the father of each of his wives, before asking them for marriage. The Browns had been really excited about Maddie and Cody’s engagement. However, it looks like Season 7 of Sister Wives is going to see some more exciting things.

The promo of Sister Wives shows Truely saying that Maddie will have a baby after she gets married and this is met with a shocked expression on Maddie’s face. The viewers feel that Maddie is already pregnant and she hadn’t intended to spill the beans so easily. The viewers will now have to wait for TLC to air the next episode of Sister Wives Season 7 to find out what’s in store for Maddie and how Kody and the rest of the sister wives react to this news.

Madison had already quit her college; she is in her freshman year in Utah State University, but is now going to move to Montana. Maddie has made it very clear that she will not be returning to college in Utah and will change her name to Brush after getting married. 19 year old Madison and 28 year old Caleb are going to move and the whole Brown family is helping them out.

Kody Brown has so far been very fond of Caleb. The whole family was shown to be helping the young couple move. Robyn even decided to give her old furniture to Maddie, so that she could get new ones.

While moving the sofa, the handle breaks and this is where the situation gets a little difficult. Kody wants to fix it right there while Caleb doesn’t understand why the whole thing couldn’t wait until they move to Montana.

The previous season of Sister Wives had ended with Meri being involved in a catfish incident and the issue was again dealt with in the premiere episode of Season 7. The premiere showed Meri opening up about her catfish incident.

She had been going through a lot lately given that Kody had divorced her and had married Robyn. Meri felt bad after she ended her marriage of 25 years and she was looking for some emotional support.

She confessed to have been on her Alaskan trip when she met a stranger online. The person had appeared to be really sweet and had been there to see her through some of her toughest days. The person instead of being a man, was in reality a woman who was messing around with Meri. Meri was devastated when she found this out and didn’t know how she would react to it.