Premiere Episode Of Sister Wives Deals With Meri Catfish Incident, Robyn Speaks About Her Pregnancy Complication, Is Maddie Pregnant? Let’s See

The whole family was very supportive of her and they stood by Meri, showing the woman who had tried to catfish Meri that she wasn’t alone in this. All of Meri’s sister wives were very supportive of her and helped her through the difficult time.

Even Kody was there to see her through the tough times. Kody accepted that he should have been there for her even though she kept pushing him away. The matter was sorted and the two of them hugged and Kody promised and he and their whole family would always be there for Meri.

Sister Wives Season 6 had seen Robyn and Kody come out to declare that they would be expecting a baby in the January of 2016. Now when Robyn has given birth to a healthy baby girl, she has come out to talk about the complications during her pregnancy in Sister Wives.

International Business Times reported that Robyn and the whole family had been concerned about the position of the baby in Robyn’s final trimester. The Brown family was concerned since they didn’t want a breech deliver; one where the baby would flip itself around and come out feet or buttocks first.

Robyn and her sister wives visited April Kermani, their midwife, and after her ultrasound and checkups, when April informed them that the baby is in its optimal position, they were relieved. The baby had been moving around a lot in the womb and the mother was very worried. Robyn and Kody finally had a baby girl on the 10th of January and they are ecstatic about the addition to the Brown family.

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