Christie from Married at First Sight Talks about the Show’s Secrets, Jamie Otis Is Writing Her Love Memoir and People Are Hyped about It!

In Married at First Sight, an Australian reality show, couples are paired in arrange marriages and the show follows them while they figure out if they are compatible or not. Christie Jordee of Married at First Sight has been shocked by how the public reacted to her decision of staying in Sydney instead of moving to her husband’s farm in Melbourne.

If you are not aware, she has a telly husband named Mark Hughes. Stuff was told by this 39 year old businessman that Christie came across old fashioned attitudes while pursuing a relationship with Hughes but planning to stay in Sydney.

She is a New South Wales franchise operator in Express Home and Office Cleaning. Jordee told Hughes recently that she was definitely not going to let him go. This took place around three months back and the couple has been quite happy since then.

Jordee has been asked on both interview sand social media why won’t she move in with her husband. Now, Mark will not move to Sydney while Christie will not be moving to the farm. Jordee questioned why she has to leave everything in 2016. She has been quite shocked with the way people have responded to them.

After filming was completed, Jordee obtained the post of franchise operator in the state of Victoria and she wants people to see how she values her commitment. Jordee had also expressed her interest in moving to Melbourne.

It is a 90-minute drive from the farm if Hughes manages to do the same for her. She declared that Hughes clearly doesn’t want to do that. According to her, he is a lot more stubborn. People have a rather biased opinion about him. She is the one primarily doing the compromising.

According to one of the ‘wives’, the Married At First Sight dinner party was quite disastrous and in reality, it was even worse than how it appeared on TV. The 39-year old Christie from Sydney said that it was totally uncomfortable, watching Jono Pitman and Clare Verrall argue about anger management and sex.

However, all the other couples were quite hungry and tired as well. Jordee revealed that dinner started at 7.30 and they didn’t get back until it was 2:30 in the morning. People hardly ate even though they were starving.

Jamie Otis of Married At First Sight has been leading a rather dramatic life. Fans wish to know about the details of her life, specifically on reality TV. As soon as they read her memoir, people will get to know all about it. Jamie’s memoir is scheduled to release in the month of June. Her memoir is named. WIFEY 101: Everything I Got Wrong After Finding Mr. Right.

It comes with all the ingredients which should force the readers to read it in one stretch! Her memoir is supposed to be quite shocking and hilarious at the same time! Reality TV World indicates that her memoir will cover what Otis went through ever since she was a 29-year old jewelry designer, to a registered nurse and finally losing her love.

Otis earlier shared that she was working on a project while answering why she prefers marrying a person that she hasn’t met previously. According to her, that is the most common question she gets and her book will show that the answer is not simple at all. She married Doug Hehner on the show and she admitted that the attraction was not physical at all.