The Originals Will See Klaus Fighting to Keep Cami Alive, Finale Will See the Mikaelsons in Trouble!

Freya is going to have a vision about a prophecy and will then find out that her family is going to be up against a very powerful enemy. Kol and Vincent will be joined by Detective Kenny as they head back to the ancestors to try and stop the witches from taking their city. This is not all, it looks like something is going to go terribly wrong and Elijah and Klaus will try and talk to Marcel about it.

Narducci has teased that the enemies and the close friends of the Mikaelsons are going to be in danger in the finale of The Originals Season 3. The last few episodes saw Tristan being buried at sea, Jackson dying and the upcoming episodes will see Freya being abducted and buried alive and as we all know, Cami is going to turn into a vampire.

The concept of forgiveness is something that the series will play around with, in The Originals. There is something beautiful about placing one’s family over everyone else and doing everything possible to keep them safe, even if it means at the cost of someone else.

Design & Trend has reported that the showrunner of The Originals has reported that every character of the show will be changed. The whole show is going to change forever. The fans are going to hope that the family bond will make the Mikaelson family survive, but then it might turn out to be a long shot.

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