The Originals Will See Klaus Fighting to Keep Cami Alive, Finale Will See the Mikaelsons in Trouble!

The last episode of The Originals saw Cami being bitten by Lucien. She knew that the bite could kill her and rushes to Klaus and confesses her feelings for him. Klaus gets hold of her as she falls, completely weakened, and tells her that he will tell her tomorrow that he loves her back and says that there is no way that she is going to die that day.

Episode 19 of The Originals Season 3 will air on the 29th of April since the show has gone on a break for a whole week. The fans will have to wait for a whole week to find out if Cami survives. There are reports suggesting that Klaus will do everything possible to make sure that nothing happens to Cami.

Lucien is known to have a lethal bite and fans have already seen how Mikaelson died after being bitten by him. Klaus has always been an anti-hero, who wasn’t really the favorite of the viewers. However, with time, they have started to love him and have seen to what extent he is willing to go for the ones he loves.

With Cami bitten by Lucien, Klaus will go all out to ask his entire family to come out with a cure to help her out. Michael Narducci, the executive producer of The Originals has said that the upcoming episode of The Originals Season 3 will see Klaus go all out to make sure that Cami survives the bite.

Klaus has been an anti-hero, but viewers have always hoped on him to come to the rescue of those he loves. The whole of the next episode will be about two people in desperate conditions and the powerful connection that they share. Klaus will try his best, Cami will also wake up and be alive, but she is going to start reacting to the life-threatening bite.

The next episode of The Originals will also show Lucien in a dangerous streak. He ends up biting Cami because he loves Aurora and it was jealousy that caused him to attack Cami.

However, now he will realize that Aurora never felt for him the way he feels for her and he is going to be a scary jilted lover. Yibada has reported that Lucien is going to start showing power that will make him a powerful vampire with incredible strength and speed.

It was Lucien’s love that caused him to bite Cami and now it will be Klaus’s love for Cami that will try and save her. The upcoming episode of The Originals, titled, No More Heartbreaks will see Klaus join hands with Elijah, Freya and Haley to find an antidote that will save Cami from the poison released by Lucien’s bite.

Given that Lucien is set to become more and powerful, there are doubts on whether the Mikaelson’s will be able to defeat Lucien. The upcoming episodes might see a terrible battle between them.

The Originals will also deal with Kol trying to fight his thirst for blood. He will have to take the difficult decision to try and be away from Davina, so that he in no way jeopardizes her life. According to Enstarz, the finale of The Originals will also be an interesting one and will see the clan fighting a force that no one could fathom.