GTA 6 Release Date Rumors and Speculations, Will Mafia 3 Be Better Than the Upcoming GTA Installment? Let’s See

Gamers will have to wait a long time before Rockstar actually releases GTA 6. There has been no confirmation regarding a tentative release window from Rockstar and people are very excited to know about it so far. There have been a lot of rumors making rounds regarding GTA 6, suggesting ways in which the game could be improved or basically talking about features that we would like to see in this upcoming title.

According to the latest GTA 6 updates, the much-awaited game could decide to deviate from its traditional setting and head over elsewhere. The game showcased more of the driving stunts instead of realistic driving adventures in the last installment, Grand Theft Auto 5. From the looks of it, GTA fans should hope to see more of it in the next GTA installment.

According to a poll which was conducted, the GTA fans wanted the car gameplay in GTA 6 to be different from that in GTA 5. In GTA 5, your cars could climb mountain roads and easily drive off-road without any hindrance. GTA fans would like to see the supercars in GTA 6 doing a lot of wheel spins. Meanwhile, we have no idea when the game is supposed to release but reports indicate that the developers are already working on its development.

In the meantime, depending on the success of GTA Online, various changes could be introduced in the upcoming installment. The development and the game story of GTA 6 could be widely affected by it and this further means that the reaction from users will be a very important thing to be considered.

According to the latest reports, the GTA Online already brought around $500 million to the developers’ budget and at the same time, this was all due to the players who accepted microtransactions in the game itself. With the proven success of Online, this will most likely be a feature in the upcoming GTA 6 title as well.

Forbes further mentioned that the success of the online formula will further lead to changes in the well-established GTA formula. According to them, there is a possibility that the online feature will become a permanent change in the GTA Games and this is not just an exception.  It will include GTA 6 to be released in future. On top of that, players will also be able to create their own character which lends a certain RPG flavor to the traditional GTA experience.

Now, a lot of you already caught the Mafia 3 trailer and needless to say, it looks and feels incredibly exciting. Now, there are reasons why people might prefer Mafia 3 over GTA 6 if and when it releases.

Firstly, there was a major lack of confidence seen in GTA 5 no matter how polished and smooth it looked. In a certain aspect, it felt like the game was a direct response to GTA 5.

When it came to gameplay and morality, Trevor, Michael and Franklin barely contrasted each other. It felt like they were only included to make you feel more comfortable while wreaking havoc. In the meantime, Niko always talked about leaving his life of crime.

game did not capitalize on any of the arcs and it remained stranded somewhere in the between. In Shadow of Mordor, we saw a constantly shifting hierarchy of enemy units, where you could be killing them off, or turning them against each other and also promoting fights between two. You can also remix the oppositional ranks in order to suit your approach in the best possible manner.