GTA 6 Release Date Rumors and Speculations, Will Mafia 3 Be Better Than the Upcoming GTA Installment? Let’s See

People who played the game wished that many more titles would follow this technique. Thankfully, it seems like Mafia 3 is the first to implement one. In this story, you will play as Lincoln Clay as he takes down the mob and you will need to interrogate enemies in order to gain information on higher-level targets.

You can turn them to your side and wipe the remainder out while taking over the area itself. You can also insert a lieutenant to make sure that things are going your way. All of it makes Mafia sound like a much more organized, well-planned and interesting title compared to anything done by GTA so far.

Rockstar, the company behind GTA 5 was shook by the departure of Leslie Benzies, the former Rockstar North President but this event managed to offer some important hints regarding what the next installment in this franchise will be like.

After a lawsuit filed in January against the GTA developer, claiming that the company owed Benzies $150 million in royalties for the franchise, he left.

If this amount sounds a bit too high for you, keep in mind that the owners grossed out around 500 million dollars in microtransactions from GTA 5 and GTA Online. Now, it is possible that after Benzies’ departure, things that were pre-designed and planned for GTA 6 will change. The game might even release with the next PlayStation 5 console from Sony.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 6!