The Originals Season 2: Dahlia Appears to Take Hope, Jackson Proposes a Plan, And More News

Jackson, who is a werewolf, comes up with a plan to help Hayley and Hope and help them escape the clutches of the wicked vampire, Aunt Dahlia, but Hayley is unsure about what to do. While it would guarantee the safety of her baby, she is unsure about how safe the plan is.

Aiden (Colin Woodell) finds himself in a difficult inner conflict, He doesn’t know whether he should side with Jackson, who is a part of his pack or whether he should uphold the secret pact he had made with Klaus.

Klaus, who had initially been sceptical about Hope, has fallen in love with her and the very fact that she might one day grow up to call Jackson “dad” makes him feel terrible. He somehow feels jealous that Jackson, who is a tough alpha male, can be so tender and loving with a baby.

Klaus will not let any harm come to Hope and will not let the curse of the fertility spell touch Hayley or Hope.

The next episode of The Originals Season 2 is set to air on April 13th.