Irina Shayk Gets Over Earlier Disappointment with Ronaldo, Posts Photos with New Man!

Lately, Irina Shayk has been in a quite a lot of news articles with her notable appearances and keeping her public image. A lot of her fans were sad to witness the split between Ronaldo and Irina but the latter recently revealed that their relationship wasn’t as happy as some people thought. According to Irina Shayk, Ronaldo was less than a perfect boyfriend and Shayk was eventually forced to break up with him.

The couple was together for five years before separating, a great deal of time considering two high-profile celebrities and, as a result, their breakup was more of a public debacle.  Irina Shayk revealed that at some point, she believed Ronaldo to be the perfect man for him but her beliefs were altered after spending some time with him.

According to Irina, Ronaldo was constantly making her feel insecure and ugly, and she realized that he wasn’t the right man for her and that further strengthened her insecurities. Irina didn’t wish to go into details regarding how Ronaldo was bringing her down. However, rumors suggest that it was due to a matter of occasional inappropriate comments.  Reports suggested that Ronaldo might have cheated on her.

Ronaldo doesn’t seem to be too bothered about it as rumors suggest he is dating a TV presenter named Lucia Villalon. Unlike Irina, he doesn’t seem to be holding many grudges against his ex. During a public announcement, Ronaldo wished Irina all the best in her future life. Meanwhile, fans want to know about the qualities that comprise a perfect man, according to Irina. Irina says that her perfect man should be caring, loving and a true gentleman and especially someone who isn’t always trying to bring her down.

According to her, a perfect date involves a lot of food and champagne, which people found hard to believe, thanks to her elegant figure. Well, models like her need to relax sometimes with tasty food! Sadly, there is no solid information regarding Irina being involved in a new relationship. Right now, she is totally focused on her career. You go girl! There is nothing wrong with that as the model has lately been enjoying a lot of attention from her fans. Maybe, it’s time for her to be a little more open and share some thoughts with the public.