The Originals Season 2: Dahlia Appears to Take Hope, Jackson Proposes a Plan, And More News

The upcoming episodes of The Originals Season 2 will deal with Dahlia’s arrival. After a long, dreadful wait, her looming arrival is finally here. The Mikaelson’s aunt is bearing gifts this time, and it might be death!

Executive producer Julie Plec had twitted about Dahlia’s arrival talking about how devastating it will be for Klaus (Joseph Morgan), given that it was he who had closed her in her coffin after her death.

The upcoming episode of The Originals Season 2, titled “First Born Curse” will focus on Aunt Dahlia’s (Claudia Black) arrival in New Orleans and the lives of the Mikaelson household.

Those who had seen the flashback episode titled “Wheel inside the Wheel” knows why Aunt Dahlia is such a big threat to Klaus. Dahlia had performed a fertility spell on Esther (Alice Evans) with the deal that she would be able to conceive in exchange for the life of every firstborn child in every generation of the Mikaelson family.

Aunt Dahlia remembers the promise made by Esther and is now in New Orleans to take away baby Hope, born to Klaus and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). The initial promos had shown how Klaus would get desperate to kill Dahlia, and now we know why!

It was the same fertility spell that had made Aunt Dahlia take away Freya (Riley Voelkel).

In a desperate bid to save Hope’s life, Klaus decided to ask help from the most menacing person he can think of. He approaches his ruthless vampire hunter stepfather Mikael Mikaelson (Sebastian Roché) in a bid to oust Dahlia and put an end to the curse that has ruined the Mikaelson family.

Meanwhile, Rebekah (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Hayley, team up with Freya in order to find Dahlia’s location. While Hayley and Jackson are out walking Hope in a stroller, the passersby look strangely at Freya, and they are left wondering why it is so. In a bid to make sure that Dahlia cannot reach Hope, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) set out to prepare a safe house in Algiers with the help of an old witch, Josephine (Meg Foster).