The New Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch Has Witnessed Several Teases and Reports Indicate That It’s Coming Soon, More Details

Currently, all of the rumors point towards a new Motorola Moto 360 watches releasing in the near future. As a result, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the company has been testing their new watch near its Chicago offices.

Recently, a Chicago commuter noticed a watch that has a close resemblance to the rumored watch that we have seen so far. However, right now, we only have the rare sighting and nothing more. The people who spotted this watch have been unwilling to talk with the Moto 360 users. As a result, it is not too hard to imagine that they are just Motorola employees who don’t wish to reveal anything more than that.

According to the latest rumors, the major point of difference between the new Motorola 360 and its predecessor is the presence of larger lugs. That is where the watch actually connects with the leather strap.

However, keep in mind that these photos do not reveal anything worth noticing like functionalities or software features of Motorola’s upcoming second generation smartwatch which will definitely take a huge leap in the Android Wear competition. Furthermore, the ‘flat tire’ feature at the bottom of the display will be present again.

However, we need to wait until Motorola officially confirms the presence of this watch. According to the overseas regulatory filings, Motorola will offer the upcoming Moto 360 in two different sizes, small and large.

If you weren’t aware of the Motor 360, know that it was one of the first Android Wear devices in the market and at the same time, one of the very best. The original Moto 360 was revealed during the I/O event by Google in 2014. It has been a year and the IFA is approaching with people currently expecting the new device to be launched in this year’s IFA event.

This should be around the same time when the new Motorola X smartphones releases. These were unveiled during a Motorola event at the end of July, alongside the release of the new Moto G. At first, people thought that the new smartwatch will be shown here as well but Motorola did not showcase any new wearable even though the event came and went.

In the meantime, a new report emerged on 17th August regarding documents filed to Brazilian Telecom agency Anatel. This piece of news revealed that Motorola is presently working on two new products which will release with the model numbers 360L and 360S.

The model numbers are probably a hint towards the small and large models of the upcoming Moto 360. Reports indicate that it stems from the success of the Apple Watch and comes in two different sizes. The first Moto 360 was a bit on the bulkierside; therefore, we can expect that the introduction of a smaller model is a good move by Motorola.

Furthermore, the documentation revealed a bit more information regarding the potential specifications of these upcoming smart watches. Present listings suggest that these devices support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The smaller of the two has a 270mAh battery while the bigger device has a 375mAh battery.

Motorola recently posted a video on Instagram and Twitter which showcases the second-generation Moto 360 device, equipped with a watch strap and a relocated button. Motorola removed the tweet later, so it seems that the company never thought that its eagle-eyed followers would notice it in the first place.

The video was later found on YouTube and you can view it now. There were reports that Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqingm took a photograph which was released in March and it showcased a lot of Moto 360 parts. As of now, it is clear that these parts are not from the original Moto 360 device.