GoPro Hero 5: Phenomenal Upgrades Planned, Release Date Delayed by a Year, Numerous Speculations Regarding Pricing, And More Details

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the launch date of the GoPro Hero 5 was pushed back to 2016. The California-based firm revealed that numerous changes need to be incorporated into the camera’s design, which is the primary reason behind the delay. GoPro plan to make the Hero 5 the benchmark in videographic quality, when the device releases next year.

However, experts believe that this is a marketing gimmick to push the GoPro Hero 4 and the Hero LCD in the market, both of which released this year. The Hero 5 is designed in a very smart way, and is quite compact, considering its technical capability. Initial reports claim that this device is waterproof, much like its predecessors, which is all the more reason for you to go deep-sea diving!

According to the company, the Hero 5 is smaller and lighter than its predecessors, rendering it easier to be carried around. GoPro wants to design cameras that are smaller and lighter than the previous model, till they reach a size that is approximately 50% that of the Hero 4.

We are yet to come up with the major differences that this camera boasts of when compared to the Hero 4, which should be made available only after a formal announcement is made. However, keeping the initial hype alive, GoPro claims that the Hero 5 is unlike any sports-action camera manufactured by the company before!

The GoPro Hero 5 has been turning heads ever since the device was unveiled back in 2014, and we still have a year ahead of us to discover whether the camera is actually worth the hype. However, considering GoPro’s amicable track record, we have no reason to think otherwise!

While most people may think that claiming to improve something that is already near perfect might be a lofty expectation, the guys at GoPro are confident about their claim. This clash of interest is what’s making the world go crazy about the delay! If rumors are to be trusted, the upcoming GoPro Hero 5 will approximately be the size of the Hero 4 Session, with magnanimously higher tech specs!

We are waiting intently for the Hero 5, just for spending a day testing the feature-rich sports cam. The best part about the deal is that, GoPro is believed to be aiming at a lesser price tag than for the Hero 5 than the current-generation Hero 4. We don’t know how, but that sure is the word in the market at the moment. Trust us when we say this, the crowds are going crazy over this particular piece of information!

However, word has it that GoPro is working on introducing a new strategy that has never been implemented in the market before, and this is precisely how they are able to phenomenally cut down on their expenses. We will bring you the latest inputs on what this strategy is as and when GoPro decides to disclose their secret formula, so hold your horses for the time being!

The general norm in the tech industry has been that the successor is overpriced than its predecessor. This is quite understandable, considering that the latest device sports better features than the outgoing model. However, GoPro is headed towards breaking this age-old norm, and we are not complaining!

Even though the entire spec-list is left to be speculated, GoPro has confirmed a few of the nitty-gritties surrounding the Hero 5. The camera is rumored to feature 8K Ultra-HD video resolution, which is twice that of our current-gen 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, to give you the general feel!