The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild New Video Features Some Of The Game’s New Weapons

According to the INQUISITOR some of the weapons offered are exclusive and will serve diverse purposes. The Bokoblin Arm for example works as a club and is seemingly an excellent choice against skeletons alike to other dungeon-style games.

As players advance through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Life Link our protagonist will be able to upgrade, take and forge his own weapons. This progression structure spreads to Link’s armour as well. The videos shared at E3 in June of this year showed Link starting his adventure with rudimentary clothes and eventually attaining a full plate armour.

Different armours will have different uses too. However as Link would necessarily not be safe heading into water with full metal armour, a book that hangs on Link’s hip also provides him a new set of skills and capabilities in this game, he can use it to control the world around him by creating water pedestals and even by throwing a large wooden plank on adversaries.

The game’s world is surrounded by several dungeons, which require the magical book to enter through a shrine. There are more than 100 shrines scattered throughout the land and can be dealt with in any order. Conquering a dungeon will result in a loot of special items which will help Link to proceed further on his journey.

Stay tuned for more updates.