The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild New Video Features Some Of The Game’s New Weapons

Even though there is still some time left before the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is going to be sometime in 2017, Nintendo fans however keep guessing and trying to find out more about the game, an instalment with each new gameplay footage revealed. Recently Nintendo gave fans some hints regarding what they can expect in instalment through such a video.

Nintendo’s branch of Europe through Siliconera released a short clip on its official Twitter account. The clip showed fans how bow and arrows would work in Breath of the Wild. The length of the clip was forty-two seconds and it shows off the different kinds of arrows gamers will get to use in the game.

These include ice and fire arrows which can be used to perform different tasks. Apart from that players will also be using their bows and arrow to communicate with more than just enemies. That aside players can also see when Link cut the ropes holding a bridge up in the video.

In the breath of the wild players will also have a way to change arrows effortlessly while aiming. There has been a lot to like from Nintendo’s recent explosion of The Legend of Zelda footage. Some of the things we saw include runes showing off new magic tricks, which can be used by Link.

Then there are axes that allow him to communicate with nature in a whole new way, not to mention guerrilla warfare that he heads against the Moblin army. These all seem nice and thrilling and are new elements that have been added to the franchise.

In a recent post by TechnoBuffalo they claim that the latest footage from Nintendo of America shows our hero Link wielding one of his most traditional weapons, bows and arrows. They were available in all different varieties as well.

The Bomb arrows for instance date all the way back to ‘Link’s Awakening’ as a sort of secret weapon for those who experiment with mixing and matching items.

The fire and ice arrows have their origins back in ‘Ocarina of Time’.

In the gameplay video we find Link using the Fire, Bomb and Ice arrows to destroy yet another Moblin checkpoint. A bombarding headshot finishes off the first unsuspecting enemy and Link then uses normal arrows to drop a bridge distancing him from his opponents. When a lone Moblin comes charging at him a fire arrow unleashed by our hero neatly does away with its shield followed by the attack of an ice arrow leaving it an easy prey against Link’s sword.

Arrows have been a popular choice from the beginning, in The Legend of Zelda as they are Link’s primary means of projectile battle and it is very unlikely that the opposite will happen this time in Breath of the Wild.

Those of whom who attended the E3 this year and had the good fortune of playing The Legend of ZeldaBreath of the Wild will already be aware that this game is a lot similar to a survival game in contrast to the past Zelda games. You’ll have a limited number of arrows and you will need to find more by either defeating the enemies or creating your own.

How you use your bow and arrows will depend on the environment of The Breath of the Wild game as well. Some parts will be slightly windier than others and might influence your trajectory.

In order to master your weapons having a mastery over the angles is strongly advised. The title will release for Wii U as well as the Nintendo NX in 2017.