Donald Trump Received A Cold Welcoming On His Surprise Visit To Mexico

With the elections coming along in the United States the candidates have put forth their best up front and looks like Donald Trump is trying to do the same but is he accomplishing it? Well it looks like Hilary Clinton is still walking ahead and ruling the leaderboard but only time will unleash the result.

And when I say that maybe Trump is not doing the campaigning correctly it’s true and natives from Mexico proved the same.

In recent days when Trump made a surprise visit to the land of Mexico the place he officially wants to cut off completely from the United States with the Security wall greeted him with a rather cold welcome.

Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto who didn’t step back on comparing Trump to Hitler and Mussolini was comparatively calmer than he was before with the arrival of the Republican Presidential nominee saying that he believes in dialogue to promote the interests of Mexico and will do anything to keep his country and countrymen safe.

Miguel Barbosa who is an opposition of the Democratic Party Revolution tweeted rather bluntly about how Trump was not at all welcomed in Mexico and how he was not allowed to get his pictures taken with the people he once offended with his actions.

And it looks like Barbosa was not at all happy with the Mexican President’s cool and calm stance about the situation and criticised him saying that his invitation to Trump was not at all worthy of and for the Mexican government.

And the former Several other’s like historian Enrique Krauze asked Trump to apologise to the Mexican people because of his allegations and calling them rapists and even asked to step back from the wall building and not deport 11 million Mexicans.

Mexican President was very straight forward with his hate towards Trump and his statement saying that there’s no turning back and that Trump’s insults to Mexicans, Muslims and other people have definitely dropped him into the hole he finds himself in pretty much proved it right.

Donald Trump is believed to meet up with the Mexican President after accepting his invitation to visit their country just a few hours before his speech on Immigration policy.

In a Tuesday night rally, Trump stuck to his tough and harsh talking rhetoric after his speech saying that he is going to do anything in his power to secure the United States border and stop the drugs from channelling through and destroying their country.

And everyone is in a nail-biting anxiety with Trump’s upcoming immigration speech. Trump has been pretty clear with his agendas from the very beginning with building a wall, separating Mexico, deporting the immigrants and even restricting legal immigration in the name of national security.

A few points have been taken up from the speeches of Trump and his surrogates, and some theoretically plausible things that Trump could speak about in his immigration speech have been noted down.

When it came to legalizing the unauthorized immigrants it is likely that he won’t change any of his agendas regarding it, and will never push or sign any law that would allow the unauthorized immigrants to apply further for the legal status.

And when talked about the count of unauthorized immigrants that are likely to be deported, it can be speculated that he would put his immigration agendas to quick action and deport any likely unauthorized immigrant, not only those with a criminal record but innocent ones too.

And it is not just the Mexicans who are revolting against the evil agendas of Trump, but now at this stage even most of the Republicans appear to regret nominating Donald Trump for the Presidential Candidacy.