Donald Trump Received A Cold Welcoming On His Surprise Visit To Mexico

The latest poll issued by Huffington Post and YouGov showed that around 54% of Republican and Republican learning voters are not doubting and second guessing about their decision of electing Trump for the Presidential candidacy.

The political discrepancies seem to be never ending for Trump and his surrogates and the Republican enthusiasts seem to take notes from the following. About time they saw the light finally.

According to several pools issued by several outlets it has been evident that Hilary Clinton is still heading forward with a 5-point lead over Donald Trump, which is a very huge margin on the Presidential polling.

And it would be no surprise if this continues and Hilary takes over the lead to a win because it’ll be Trump’s fault in digging up his hole with his so-called agendas which put him up front as a homophobic, racist and a non-eligible candidate to run the United States.

What are your takes on Trump’s ideals and agendas? What do you think his immigration speech might include and talk about? Leave us with your thoughts and views on the entire situation in the comment section below. Stay hooked for more updates and news.