The Newest Addition To The Galaxy Series ‘Samsung Galaxy S7’ Has Taken The Technological Sphere By A Whirlwind, Is It Better Than The iPhone 6s Though?

While you mention ‘Galaxy’ it may seem and sound like just a part of the universe to a certain percentage of people. But the word when said to a tech savvy person is sure to ignite the interests and love for gadgets, because it definitely links them to the very latest addition to the Samsung Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Before we indulge in the competitions and the news and updates that are floating around the media, let us take a small detour off the specifications and design of the latest Samsung Galaxy S7, which has sure caught many people’s attention with its unconventional Samsung look.

Even though the changes to the look of the phone may not be that drastic from the previous models of Samsung Galaxy S6, the S7 tends to steal the show with its front and back both covered in Gorilla Glass 4 with a metal rim in between, adding a perfect touch of sophistication and style.

The sides of the S7 are just notably curvy and this creates a huge difference with the way it feels in the hand of the user. With the launch of both Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in early 2016 it has taken the audience’s attention and has been dominating the sales.

Another wave of unexpected shock came in when the Samsung owners gradually launched yet another color variation to their new S7 series. The cell phone which was launched in Blue Coral was already an ultimate success in the technological market, but the newest addition to the Pink Gold variant has taken people’s breath away.

The Pink Gold variant of the S7 and S7 edge has been temporarily now launched in the United States and a few other countries, South Korea being one of them. It has been suggested to the customers that if they wish to avail the Pink variant they must be quick to place an order, because the Pink Gold comes in limited stocks.

Another striking feature of the new S7 series is its waterproof technology. The customers have responded very well to the addition of this feature alongside the upgrades. Not only that, but several reports have informed how actually this feature was responsible for saving a person’s life!

If reports made by Yonhap News Agency are to be believed, a Samsung Galaxy S7 user was able to save his life and survive a shipwreck that took place in the Philippines, and all thanks to the waterproof ability of the phone.

Many tabloids have reported that the user, whose identity isn’t revealed yet, was traveling along with ten other people to Sabang Beach which is situated in Central Philippines for Scuba diving on July 30. The ship was reported to have overturned due to a storm and the user along with the other ten people was left stranded on the vessel.

All kudos to Samsung Galaxy S7’s IP68 certification which makes the device sturdy enough to withstand dirt, sand, dust or water, that the user was able to contact the authorities after which they were all rescued an hour later from there.

Even though no authenticity of the above-mentioned reports has been made, but with the ever increasing sales which have already crossed the 25 million worldwide sales, the action doesn’t seem impossible at all.

And with all the upgrades and betterment comes competition. Samsung Galaxy S7 has received a good acceptance if it is considered regarding sales, but speculations and comparisons with the last Apple iPhone 6s have been floating around.