Apple Set To Launch Its Latest iPhone 7 In Just A Few Days, Speculated And Rumored Upgrades and Leaked Price

It feels like yesterday when Apple announced their upcoming iPhone 6s, and now a few days later Apple is set to take over the world again with the latest addition to their family;  the iPhone 7. People are very excited about this latest launch.

Reports have suggested that apparently Apple has sent out several media invitations for hosting an event next week where most people are speculating the announcement for the release of their latest iPhone 7, but no confirmation has yet been put forth.

The event is going to take place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium which is located in San Francisco on September 07 2016 at around 10am. Even though the invitations that have been previously witnessed gave away some hints and clues, people are still trying to find out some hidden clues this time.

The invitation has left people speculating and thinking. It even features several numbers of colored dots which outline the top portion of Apple’s logo which can indicate that there may be varying some colors in the latest flagship model.

Several rumors about the addition of an upgraded camera lens have been floating around when people saw the out-of-focus effect and in turn claimed that it was not possible to achieve with a simple camera lens.

Amidst all the floating rumors the one that caught everyone’s attention was the removal of the headphone socket in the latest device. And which in turn means that the users will either have to use a lightning cable or get an adapter or switch to Bluetooth headphones.

Rumors and reports have suggested that with the removal of the headphone socket, Apple is all set to develop new wireless headphones which are named as ‘airpods’ to sell along with their ‘earpod’ headphones. Only time will unveil the truth behind the rumors.

The iPhone 7 series is speculated to have two variations, one with a 4.7-inch screen and the other with a 5.5-inch screen. If rumors are to be believed the camera upgrade is expected only in the 5.5-inch one with an upgrade to a dual-lens camera that will allow the user to snap SLR-quality photographs along with 3D images.

While people thought that the Home button was supposed to be removed, latest reports have suggested that the latest iPhone 7 will have some addition of pressure-sensitivity to the Home button, which simply means that the device will perform different functions depending on the degree of applied pressure.

And that is not all with the speculations the company may or may not, well we can’t say absolutely but rumors are floating around about the iPhone 7 of being waterproof. The storage of the device as rumors suggested will be around 256GB and not the typical 16 GB storage.

Varying other features might include fast-charging technology which will ensure a longer battery life of the device with even a few minutes of charging.


Not just the features but even the price of the upcoming iPhone 7 has been leaked which is most likely to be launched on September 7. The device is rumored to be powered by Apple’s A10 processor along with a 2GB RAM. And the plus variant with the 5.5-inch screen is rumored to feature the same processor but a 4GB RAM.

The prices of the 32GB, 128GB and the 256GB of the series are expected to be around Rs. 53,000, Rs. 61,200 and Rs. 71,250 respectively. Although these are all rumored prices the speculations suggest that the prices are all going to likely match these, maybe be a little more than this.