Apple Set To Launch Its Latest iPhone 7 In Just A Few Days, Speculated And Rumored Upgrades and Leaked Price

The camera of the iPhone 7 are speculated to be around 12MP rear camera along with a 5MP front camera and for the Plus it may be around 16MP for the rear camera.

Another change is the addition of Intel Modem in their latest flagship. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which is speculated to be launched on September 07 has many rumoured upgrades and of the major change is that Apple is reportedly buying their modem chips from Intel and not from Qualcomm anymore.

Back in June Bloomberg reported that the iPhones that are compatible with the AT&T network would contain the chips. Even this might be the slightest of the change, but this is supposed to expect to give the iPhone a brand new Oregon connection.

Although September 7 may be considered as the announcement date, the release date is speculated to be around September 16 2016. And these are drawn out from the previous announcements and the release dates of the iPhone 6 series.

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