The Leftovers Season 3: Excitement Over Renewal Marred By Reports Of This Being The Final Season, Humor Will Be Infused!

The Leftovers had ended on a very interesting note in Season 2 and now with HBO revealing that it is set to come back for Season 3, fans are all excited to know what’s in store in The Leftovers Season 3. None of the seasons threw light on the mystery weaved into the series and the fans are hoping that The Leftovers Season 3 will clear all of it.

There were all a lot of doubt about whether the series will be renewed for a new season and fans rallied outside the New York office of HBO to make sure that the big boss of HBO, Michael Lombardo gives in to the demands and agrees to it.

It was HBO President Damon Lombardo who confirmed that The Leftovers have been renewed for another season and he said that HBO is very happy with the vision that the show creators possess and said that he is very proud of the two men and their creativity.

There were rumors that the show wasn’t enjoying a good TRP and hence HBO wasn’t keen on renewing it for another season, but the reaction that the fans showed made them change their mind.

The Leftovers is based on a novel, but apart from the first season that was based completely on the book, the rest were all the brain child of Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta. The surprising part is that, it was The Leftovers Season 2 that gave the TRP a boost and the fans are hoping that the third season is better and is capable of making HBO continue with the series.

Ever since The Leftovers hit the television screen there has been a lot of mixed reviews about it. Fans who are hooked to the series since the first day will be a little sad to hear that The Leftovers Season 3 might turn out to the finale for the series.

This news was revealed by Damon Lindelof who spoke to Den of Geek. He said that ever since the first time when they started working with the series they knew that were working towards an end. However, they weren’t sure that the coming season might become the end of the series. Based on Tom Perrotta’s novel, the series was given a new lease of life with the imagination of David Lindelof.

He said that he had always planned to have The Leftovers as a trilogy. He confirmed that the series that had started in the same manner as Perrotta’s novel, would end in the exact same way. He also added that while the characters were all lost when the series had started, The Leftovers Season 3 finale will find them more sorted and the best thing would be that they have found each other.

This news about The Leftovers coming to an end had shocked the fans and marred the excitement by certain degree. Esquire reported that HBO president Michael Lombardo had made it very clear that the decision to end the series with the third season was made by the show creators, especially David Lindelof and his network had nothing to do with it.

Lombardo asked the fans not to get mad at the network for this news since they hadn’t asked the creators to make that move. It was the vision of David Lindelof. Lindelof had informed the fans that the ending of The Leftovers Season 3 will be a little ambiguous and will keep the fans thinking and it is going to be very emotional as well.

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